On April 1, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown made history. For the first time in California’s heritage, water restrictions were set on potable urban water sources throughout the state, reaching as high as a 25% reduction in certain areas. Calling for the restriction of water reduction by a whopping quarter is not an easy decision, in light of the resulting changes that countless Californians will have to make in their daily water routine. Yet, the dire nature of the four-year-and-counting California drought is no longer allowing Californians to remain complacent in the fight to conserve water. In fact, with 2013 reaching record dry levels, and 2014 peaking in with record levels of heat, it seems that just as Brown took action to conserve water for the entire state, we, as individual Californians, are called to do our own part in the fight for water conservation.

Water conservation on the urban, home-by-home basis is a fairly simple process. It begins with something as easy as turning off the sink while you are brushing your teeth or in between washing dishes. However, with California legislation taking drought solutions into their own hands, it might be time for you to start thinking of additional ways to conserve water in your household. For example, with the water usage cuts in certain areas throughout California, exceeding the limitations in the designated regions will result in penalties, or even fines. While it is not only important to be aware of the potential limitations being enforced in your community, it is equally important for Californians to strive to conserve water for the sake of the state itself.

While we at Solscapes are champions for water conservation and believe in taking personal responsibility for California drought solutions, we do not believe that the beauty of your home needs to be sacrificed in order to conserve water. As people are beginning to take serious action to conserve water, more and more lawns are turning brown as sprinklers are turned off. Not only are these sights unpleasant to the eyes of the neighborhood, they also represent hundreds, or even thousands of dollars wasted on plants and foliage sitting dead in the yard. However, Solscapes offers a better solution.

Specializing in drought-resistant landscaping, Solscapes wants to give you a beautiful, California-inspired landscape that conserves your water and your wallet. Drought-resistant landscaping allows your yard to remain beautiful without the extra cost and use of water that comes with the cookie-cutter, green-grass lawn. By choosing Solscapes for your landscaping needs, whether they are for merely aesthetic purposes or to play your part in the drought solution, you can feel good about your decision for multiple reasons. Not only are you contributing to water conservation in a very tangible way, but your yard will also pay a beautiful tribute to the variety of colorful, drought-resistant plants that are native to our golden state of California. As your neighbors’ lawns wilt to brown this summer, you can admire you yard in peace and pleasure, knowing you are being a responsible resident of California without sacrificing a beautiful front yard.

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