Recently, Solscapes sat down with Jerry and Tana Nasser to hear a little bit more about their experience with Solscapes and their landscaping. With a grass lawn past its prime and a government rebate offer of $2 per square foot of turf removal in order to help with state water conservation, the Nassers were ready for a fresh start with their front yard. Jerry and Tana chose Solscapes for their landscaping needs after finding us online. They appreciated the creative eye that Jeff brought to the table in the process of designing their yard.

Within weeks, Jerry and Tana’s yard was looking quite different. Using stunning drought-resistant plants, including Agave Century Plant, lavender flowered lantana, and wispy acacia trees, Jeff worked with Jerry and Tana to include many beautiful features in their landscape. A fountain trickles right outside their window. Beautiful LED lights highlight its evening beauty, and accent their gorgeous front walkway.

The Nassers have cut water usage by a whopping forty percent. In real numbers, they went from using 15,000 gallons of water over two months, to 9,000 gallons every two months – 6,000 gallons less!. In addition, their landscape maintenance is much easier; instead of pulling endless weeds and watering grass, the Nassers are able to spend their free time enjoying the beauty of their low maintenance yard. When asked to describe in their own words how they feel about their new landscape, Jerry likened it to “walking up to a resort,” while Tana calls it her “Palm Springs Oasis.” To this day, the Nassers say, neighbors and even strangers approach them with compliments about their beautiful landscape.