We value the stories of our Solscapes customers. Particularly with each project, whether pool maintenance or landscaping, we catch a glimpse of their unique story in the beautiful finished product. Today, however, we bring you a different story. This is the story of Frieda Bennett and her fountain.

Solscapes has the privilege of being Frieda’s pool maintenance provider, but one day Frieda approached us with a unique request. Sitting in her backyard, just outside Frieda’s bedroom window is a stunning fountain, made up simply of shells. Placed in a quiet corner, as you pass by, you cannot help but notice the fountain’s beauty. Water cascades from the topmost conch shell into three descending levels of serene white shells that emanate a peaceful trickling from each tier. Placed around the fountain are different figurines that represent the happy memories of Frieda’s life and loved ones. Yet, until the end of 2014 the fountain was not in such a happy state.

Passed on to her by parents that received it as a generous 40th wedding anniversary gift, Frieda cherished her fountain dearly. In fact, ever since it was given to her, Frieda found a way to display the fountain in her home. But until the end of 2014, years of display had left the frame of the fountain degraded and rotted through. After Frieda showed us her fountain, Solscapes got to work with the help of Blue Mirage Pools to renovate the fountain and bring the beautiful shells back to their original glory.

To begin renovation, a completely new frame was created and the old, rotted frame was tossed out. Brand new pumps and hoses were installed to ensure the fountain running like new. In addition, the fountain shell bowls were sanded and repainted with water proof paint, returning to their serene beauty.

Frieda was overjoyed with the work done by Solscapes and Blue Mirage Pools and she has been enjoying her cherished fountain in its sparkling, new condition for over six months now. Frieda says that, for her, the fountain represents the history of the love she has experienced in her life with her late husband, whom she had fifty-five cherished years with; her parents, siblings, and the family members and friends that live on today, including her children and four grandchildren. Because of the work Solscapes and Blue Mirage Pools were privileged to do, Frieda (pictured with her restored fountain. Not pictured: Frieda’s dear dog, Kai) can return to her restored fountain each day and continue to share in the wonderful memories held within its serene, white shells.