Breeanna and Jay Gordon found Solscapes online while looking to fix a broken sprinkler and diseased tree in their front yard. They appreciated the professional feel of the Solcapes website and were inspired to take advantage of Solscapes’ specialization in drought-resistant landscaping. Breeanna, being a graphic designer herself, had an eye for design and used Pinterest for inspiration in the recreating of their yard.

After a little less than two weeks of work, the Gordon’s new front yard stood refreshed and renovated. The Gordons went with a contemporary, structured look centering on a circular design in the center of their yard. Alongside the driveway is a set of stairs and planters that compliment the house with a fresh, modern feel.

In speaking with Breeanna, she reports that she pulls into her driveway after work each day with a “new sense of pride in her home.” She adds that it is a huge relief to have a contemporary, low-maintenance yard that is helping the environment. Solscapes is pleased to provide beautiful landscaping that also offers a practical, drought-friendly solution.