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4 Landscaping Ideas For Pool Lovers

Limited space and budgets can put a stop to your perfect home setups, but we have some landscaping ideas for pool lovers that will fit any acreage! There are so many different design types to choose from that it can be hard to choose, but they all share certain themes. Understanding these themes will help you make a project that is right for your pool.


Use Plants

There are several plant-related themes to choose from when it comes to pool design, but the main idea is to involve greenery close to the pool. Whether you use trees, bushes, flowers, or any of your favorite plant life is up to you, but it’s good to keep a general theme going with what you put in.


For example, if you were going to use vibrant colored flowers in conjunction with succulents, it wouldn’t look very good. However, if you keep one type of plant (or at least have the supporting plants compliment them), you can create a cohesive atmosphere around the pool.


One thing that everyone enjoys is an atmosphere that makes it feel like you’ve been transported to another place!

landscaping ideas

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Rocks Are A Good Thing!

Getting rocks in your pool isn’t good, but having them as part of the pool is. One of our favorite landscaping ideas is to incorporate rock faces into the design of your pool. This gives your pool a more natural look as if you’re in a secluded cavern in another country.


It also has the added benefit of making it look more expensive, and let’s face it since it is entirely cosmetic it is something that not everyone can afford to do. By adding that to the landscape of your pool, you’ll make everyone feel like they are in a much nicer pool, like the type they might find at an all-inclusive resort.


Waterfall Into A More Beautiful Pool

As with the rock face design, a waterfall is one of those landscaping ideas that screams class. Unlike the rock, though, it has a functional design that can be enjoyed. You can get underneath the waterfalls and enjoy the feeling of the water cascading down on your back.


Since it is another extra, everyone will see it and instantly know that you put some thought into making the experience of being in or around the pool enjoyable. This goes a long way when your children have friends over or even for family get-togethers. It also makes people a lot more likely to want to come over if you host a party!

landscaping ideas

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Get Your Geometry On!

Although the title has probably never been spoken in a sentence in the history of the world, the fact remains that the shape of your pool plays a huge roll in its overall aesthetics. By considering the actual shape of the pool, you can drastically change the way that people perceive it.


The basic rectangle or circular shape, with one side being the deep end and the other the shallow end has been done to death. By adding some tiers to the pool, or creating an asymmetrical look to the pool, you’ll be going against the norm and creating an experience around the pool.


One of the more popular landscaping ideas that fit the bill is creating a shape that would mimic something that you might see at a lake and surround it with beautiful trees that you would see in the wild. In essence, you will be creating an entirely different world in your own backyard!



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