make your pool more eco-friendly

7 Ways to Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

Not only is it important to the environment to make your pool more eco-friendly, but it’s also important to your wallet! Believe it or not, a few investments can save you tons of money over the years to come, and they will use a substantially smaller amount of energy every month.


We’ve got a few ideas for you to try out:


  1. Solar Power


Getting solar power to keep your pool heater powered all year is one of the newer and better ideas in reducing your energy consumption while maintaining everyone happy. Not only will it make your pool more eco-friendly, but the reduction in your electricity bill will add up over the years and not only pay for the solar panels but save you a good chunk of money as well.


  1. Use Less Chlorine


Chlorine is a great tool, and we aren’t telling you to stop using it. We are telling you, though, that using too much of it is both expensive and harmful to the environment. What can you do instead of using gallons of chlorine you ask?


The answer is simple, clean it! Using covers to keep particles out when you aren’t using it, being diligent about getting leaves and insects out of it, and giving it a healthy scrub are great ways to keep your pool clean and reducing your chlorine usage.


If you aren’t up for the task of cleaning it yourself, hire someone and let them know that you want to use fewer chemicals in your pool. It might take some searching, and you might have to pay a bit extra, but the reduction of chlorine expenses over the years will likely keep the fees you pay at about the same price as before!

make your pool more eco-friendly

  1. Get Rid of Leaks


This should be a no brainer! If you have a leak, fix it immediately. A leak can lead to thousands of gallons of wasted water each year, as well as creating a huge expense when that water damages the structure of your pool, and you need to get it repaired.


Not only does this water cause damage to the pool itself, but think of all of the chemicals your use to keep the pool clean making their way into the soil all around your home. This can make your animals sick, your plants can die, and if you like having a vegetable garden in the summer as much as we do, you’ll have to forget about it!


Not only do these chemicals get into the soil, but they will also get into your homegrown vegetables as well because they use the same contaminated earth.


  1. Get New Lighting

LED pool lights are becoming the new norm because of their energy efficiency and their sleek look. Not only that, many houses are starting to adopt solar lighting to guide the way to the pool.


This combination is not only more energy efficient; it can create a whole new look and feel to your pool area!



  1. Use a Pool Cover


A pool cover can make your pool more eco-friendly in a number of ways. The pool cover will trap the heat that the sun creates when it hits the cover, and that will, in turn, keep the pool better heated. This is a great trick during the winter times.


Pool covers also keep your water in the pool. The sun has a habit of making your water evaporate, and that will create the need for more water to be added into your pool daily. By keeping the cover on, you’re keeping the water and the chemicals inside your pool longer.


Speaking of chemicals, the sun can make them disappear with the water (when the water evaporates) and speed up their degradation process. By keeping a cover on the pool when not in use, you’ll be cutting down on your need for more chemicals!


  1. Get a Schedule


This can cost you a bit more than our other tips up front, but getting an automated system (like a programmable thermostat) will keep your energy usage down big time over the years. This will make sure that your pools heater and water will stay at the levels that you decide on, instead of constantly running.


Better yet, if you aren’t going to be around for a while, turn all of your systems off and revisit them upon your return. It doesn’t make sense to have them running 24/7 when no one is around to take advantage of the pool.


  1. Dial it Back on the Extras

If you want to make your pool more eco-friendly, don’t run the waterfalls and other extras that cost a lot to maintain all the time. Now if you already have them or really want to get them, go ahead! Just remember that using them consistently is energy inefficient.


Our advice, run them when you have company over or you want a nice relaxing time. Otherwise, let them take a break and the environment will thank you!


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