7 Reasons Swimming Pools Improve Quality of Life

From recreational activities to added health benefits, swimming pools are a great addition to any home. And in these hot summer months, they provide the perfect, cool sanctuary from the blazing summer sun. Continue reading to find out the many reasons that having a backyard swimming pool can improve your family’s quality of life!

Physical activity

There’s a reason swimming is recommended as one of the best physical activities for your health. Not only does it increase overall calorie burn, swimming reduces the risk for developing a variety of diseases and illnesses later in life. Those who frequently swim can enjoy an improved daily mood, better nightly sleep, increased optimism, and overall enhanced physical wellness. Help your mind, heart, and body by routinely taking a dip in the pool!

Getting outdoors

In addition to the physical benefits that swimming pools provide, being outdoors improves mental and emotional health as well. With an increased exposure to the sun, your body will appreciate the enhanced Vitamin D levels that promote bone growth and help protect you from numerous diseases like diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Spending time outdoors has also been proven to improve mental focus, something that can be of great benefit to students and parents who spend long days at work or school. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Provide the opportunity for socializing

Instead of staying in the stuffy indoors, take your next party or get together outdoors to your swimming pool. Especially in the summer, guests will enjoy cooling off and staying active while socializing with friends, family, and peers. For families with smaller children, pools provide the perfect distraction that will keep the little ones busy and active, while the parents can gather around the water to catch up and hang out. Swimming pool get-togethers have also been highly recommended for seniors, as it is found that seniors who consistently socialize have a longer life expectancy than those who are frequently in solitude.

Relieving stress

Life is hectic. Whether it’s stressful workdays, expensive bills, or taking care of loved ones, life can add up and increase mental and emotional stress. Relaxing in a swimming pool or spa can relieve stress in just ten minutes while improving your overall heart function. Gliding through the water enhances relaxation and is the perfect distraction to take your mind off of life’s stressful responsibilities. By focusing on your body, you allow yourself a mental break from the things stressing you out the most.

Fun summertime activity for the kids

Playing in the pool is a special activity, often reserved for the summer months. Letting your family take advantage of this seasonal opportunity will allow for hours of poolside entertainment. Don’t forget the fun pool accessories, as well. From pool floats to underwater games, there’s an endless amount of pool accessories to add to your outdoor space!

Increased life expectancy

It is believed that those who frequently spend time enjoying the outdoors are more likely to live longer. Add this to the overall body workout you get from swimming, and a pool is a great option for those who want to improve their health and life expectancy. Take advantage of the relaxation, exercise, mental wellness, stress relief, and socializing opportunities that all come from swimming, and you can be sure that spending time in your swimming pool will benefit you for years to come.

These are just a few of the many reasons why adding a pool to your backyard space can improve your living quality. At Solscapes, we make it our goal to create innovative pool designs for our clients. Whether it’s a question about our pool design experience or our unbeatable pool maintenance services, give us a call today!

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