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5 Reasons Landscape Designs Matter More Than You Think

When mulling over the idea of making some new landscape designs for your property, there are many benefits that some updated scenery can do for you besides just looking good. You may not have known this, but it is new methods can actually improve the efficiency and security of a home.


Let us explain:


Securing Your Home

We aren’t pretending that landscaping is a good substitute for a home security system, but it can keep your home safe from the elements. Proper landscape designs, like in cliffside homes in Malibu, can help combat the natural erosion that comes with seasonal rains.


Using a retaining wall and shrubbery with long roots can help keep the soil tight and avoid it from sliding downhill. This will contribute to maintaining the structure of your home safe and with it the inhabitants inside it. It’s also a very good idea to have that wall to block off a steep drop-off, in the case of small children or a party where your guests aren’t familiar with your property.

landscape designs

Displays the End of You Land

Some neighbors love to argue over where your land ends and theirs begins. Creating a walled and nicely landscaped barrier between the two properties will draw a clear line between the two and make it much more well-defined.


We suggest using a brick or material approach to these tasks because trouble neighbors love to raise the alarm if a leaf falls from your lawn into theirs. We would rather avoid that situation by making sure the barrier you make ends the dispute without making a new problem!


It Keeps Things Natural

Some landscape designs can really bring out the natural beauty of your land by adding in elements of nature. Using real rocks and different plant species will make everything feel much more real, even if the designs you use aren’t native to the area.


In fact, many people prefer to construct an entirely new natural landscape that better fits their ideals of a perfect natural location. We see this a lot in drier areas where owners prefer to build a more wooded look or something resembling a meadow.


As long as you are able to maintain this new appearance and keep it eco-friendly (which is what we are all about), we are all for changing things to your liking!


Makes Your Home More Attractive

Living in a home that you don’t enjoy is not fun. By designing a new landscape for your home, you can make it feel like you live in a whole new place.

We suggest creating a more vibrant scenery by adding in more areas for plants and flowers. Many people suggest that getting back into nature helps people feel recharged, so bringing nature to you is an excellent way to help wash away the stress of your long week at work.


Cuts Down on Energy Use

When you create new landscape designs, the benefits can be more far reaching than most originally planned. A new layout can require less water, lighting, and generate cleaner air.


When you change the layout of the land, you will likely modify the way the light falls on the house and backyard, which can significantly reduce the need for electrical lighting during the day inside your home.


Having a better layout of your plants will also mean that your watering techniques will go farther than they did previously. Also, having a wider variety of plants will make the air around your home feel much cleaner. Since plants produce oxygen, the air will actually be cleaner!


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