4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Keep Your Pool Clean

Along with physical appearance, the safety of swimmers and working condition of your pool rely heavily on its overall cleanliness. Not maintaining a clean and clear swimming pool can put your family at risk for developing certain illnesses and diseases, and can also impact the functionality of the pool’s filters and pump. Make sure you understand the various risks that arise from an unclean pool so you can take proper steps to maintaining a clean, healthy, and functioning pool for your family to enjoy. Here are 4 important reasons why maintaining a proper pool cleaning routine is crucial:

  • Germs and contaminants

Your outdoor pool is susceptible to a number of exterior factors that put it at risk for an increased number of contaminants, such as leaves, bird droppings, or unclean rain water. Mix these exterior factors with germs collected from swimmers, and a pool can quickly become full of harmful germs and bacteria. Swimming in unclean chlorine pools, in particular, can put children at high risk for developing respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and hay fever.

The more often your pool is being used, the more chlorine will be needed to keep it chemically balanced. Fortunately, by ensuring your pool is regularly cleaned by a professional who can guarantee that the chemical balance is maintained, these health risks can easily be avoided. Finding a pool cleaning company can make this task incredibly manageable, and you’ll never have to worry about you or your children swimming in a germ-infested pool again.

  • Algae

While not physically harmful, algae is an unsightly occurrence that can begin to take over the walls or floor of your once crystal-clear pool. Especially in Southern California, which offers high temperatures nearly year round, algae growth can become even more of a nuisance. If you notice your pool beginning to take a slightly green turn, it is likely the increase in the growth of algae along your pool’s underwater surfaces.

While algaecides can be an effective way to rid your pool of this green tint, it is easy to misuse these chemicals if one is not properly trained. Algaecides strongly decrease the concentration of chlorine in your pool, so by hiring someone who can easily monitor and maintain the algae levels and chlorine levels, you’ll likely have a much easier (and cheaper) time than by trying to maintain it yourself.

  • Impacted pool pumps

By simply not having your pool pump baskets cleaned out regularly, debris can begin to collect and grow algae and other contaminants over time. Clogged pool pump baskets mean a more decreased water flow, which can harm the overall filtration for the pool that keeps it looking clean and clear year-round.

Proper pool maintenance requires a cleaning of these pool pump baskets at least once a week, and even more so in seasons like fall and spring where leaves and flowers frequently find themselves floating along a pool’s surface. Don’t have time to clean your pool weekly (or more)? Hiring an experienced pool cleaning team to ensure your pump baskets are free of debris is one of the easiest ways to keep your pool clean and functioning properly.

  • Poor appearance

When you think of an unsightly pool, you probably imagine a few things causing the appearance: cloudy water, green surfaces, and debris floating in the water. It’s no secret that the ideal pool involves crystal clear, blue water with a flawless surface, but this condition requires some work to maintain. A dirty pool, in any capacity, can impact the overall appearance of your backyard and, in turn, your entire home. If you’re tired of looking out your window only to see murky pool water, it may be time to call a pool cleaning professional.

While a dirty pool can negatively impact many aspects of a functioning pool, these four risks are among the most noticeable and physically harmful. While keeping your pool clean can help your family stay physically healthy, your pool functioning properly, and it looking clear and beautiful, keeping it clean can simply give you peace of mind knowing all of these risks are minimized, as well. Maintaining a clean pool can take work, but fortunately, hiring a pool cleaner can take this responsibility off of your hands and let you enjoy your pool to its fullest extent.

For more helpful tips about owning a pool, read more of our blogs here. And for expertly trained pool cleaners that are highly experienced in maintaining pool cleanliness and beauty, give the Solscapes team a call to learn about the pool cleaning services we offer!

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